Why Choose Renfrew?

Within easy reach of Victoria, Port Renfrew is welcoming, affordable, and wild as you like. Here, you live through your senses: Cedar. Sea spray. Wood smoke. You move with the seasons, currents and tides.

This is gateway to ancient forest, epic hikes and mighty surf — to eagle and Chinook and Sitka spruce. From here, you can trek, paddle, comb the beaches or cast your line.


True Nature

This is the place West Coasters come to feel West Coast, to surround ourselves with the things that define us — things we carry deep inside. Wilderness runs in our veins.


Stay Wild

Port Renfrew offers new opportunities to stay in style, whether under the stars or beneath 400-thread count sheets. Yup, we’ve upped our game since you were last here. If you’ve never been to see us, you’re right on time.

Check in at a luxury cottage, eco-resort, vacation rental, yurt, or your favourite RV.  If you’re more backcountry than country club, stretch your arms wide. We’ve got the best outdoor real estate in the world, within easy reach of the campfire.


Seaside Cottages

2-6 guests

Retreat to a private waterfront cottage as the day wanes and enjoy all of the creature comforts, without sacrificing your wild side.


West Coast Trail Lodge

2-4 Guests

The West Coast Trail Lodge is the ideal launch pad for wilderness excursions, fishing trips and family holidays.


Wild Coast Cottages

Take advantage of Renfrew’s unique wilderness access and come home to a cottage of your own.



Our town may be small, but everything else here is big: big trees, big fish, big surf. Even the toast at The Coastal Kitchen Café is “Texas” and the sausage “the big kind.” Leave your magnifying glass at home.


We’ve pulled up our bootstraps when it comes to great eats. Our growing food scene keeps things local: seafood sustainably plucked from our waters, organic proteins and uber-fresh greens. Now, you’ll find crisp craft brews waiting on tap and menus right for anglers, surfers, kiddies and vegans. Don’t worry, we haven’t turned our backs on a good ol’ fish and chips. Hearty favourites are on the menu, too.