Renfrew Giants

We’re not the boastful kind, but when it comes to the size and scale of nature found here, we’re in a league of our own. It’s little wonder these aromatic forests are compared with royalty: crowns, towers, kings. Our meaty fresh and saltwater fish are envied the world over. From colossal trees to brimming hauls, check out the giants at our front door.


Big Trees

Look (way) up.

Known as the “Big Trees Capital of Canada,” Port Renfrew boasts rainforest skyscrapers with serious cred. Among them is the world’s largest Douglas fir ― the Red Creek fir ― and Canada’s biggest spruce ― the San Juan Sitka spruce. The country’s runner-up Doug fir is here, too. With an aw-shucks name like “Big Lonely Doug” be sure to stop by and give him a hug.


field notes

Biggest Tree

The Carmanah Giant in Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park is Canada’s tallest tree, reaching 95 metres into the ether. No big deal — only as tall as your average 30-storey highrise. It has most cityscrapers on the ropes, and is a whole lot greener.

Bigger Fish

Get reel.

Around here, a “barn door” isn’t the thing that keeps the piglets in; it’s a really, really big halibut. The buttery soft “chicken” variety (in the range of 20-50 pounds) is often a target catch. One of the biggest fish ever caught in these waters? A 240-pound halibut. You’ll need to hit the dumbbells to land a fish that big. 


Biggest Surf(er)

Hit the swells.

Okay, so not actually the biggest surfer. Just to say that surfers who mean business live in these parts. Whole families get in on the act at Jordan River and Sombrio Beach, and they’ve been at it for generations.

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