Prime conditions

365 days a year

Don’t worry about a ‘best time to visit.’ Port Renfrew is ‘open’ year-round: misty and moody in winter, sun-dappled and bursting with life in summer. Experience all four seasons. We’ll be happy to see you, whenever you arrive.

Tune-in to tides

Check the tide tables to take advantage of shoreline and wildlife viewing. Tides on Vancouver Island’s wildest coast can be unpredictable. Stay aware to stay safe.

Mild & marine

In Port Renfrew, it’s rare to see the mercury dip below 0°C or above 23°C. Temperatures average from 4°C to 17°C with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Vancouver Islanders will tell you rain is part of West Coast charm (there can be a fair bit here) and that we invented storm watching (a favourite pastime).

In the cooler season (November-March), be sure to pack water resistant and windproof gear. Tuck sun protection and bug repellant in your bag when things heat up (June-October). Durable footwear is essential year-round.