Things To Do In Port Renfrew

Things To Do In Port Renfrew


We are not the boastful kind, but when it comes to the size and scale of nature found here, we are in a league of our own. It is little wonder these aromatic forests are compared with royalty: crowns, towers, kings. Our beaches are protected homes to hundreds of species of plants and animals. It is also the terminus for the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail and West Coast Trail. Hours of fun for beachcombers of all ages can be had. There is no shortage of things to do in Port Renfrew and we hope the list below will get your started!

Avatar Grove

Dubbed the “Cathedral Grove of Port Renfrew,” Avatar Grove is a unique clutch of old growth in the Gordon River Valley. It is home to giant Western Red cedar and rare Douglas fir, therefore, is the focus of efforts to preserve its arboreal riches. Keep an eye out for “Canada’s Gnarliest Tree” — a whimsical knot of twisted cedar. This is a magical place to peace out and leave your real-world avatar behind.

Botanical Beach tidal pools

Botanical Beach

Botanical Beach (and adjacent Botany Bay) is a mind-blowing must-see. Shady upland trails open to windswept beaches and sandstone moonscapes. One of the richest intertidal zones on the West Coast, the tide pools here teem with marine life: giant green anemones, ruby red starfish, and spiny sea urchins. The cavernous basins are like the footprints of giants.


Surfing is the stuff of legend on Vancouver Island’s wild West Coast. Here, it is an all-season affair; we’re not afraid of a little cold water. Pacheedaht Beach, Jordan River and Sombrio Beach are storied West Coast Road surf spots. Please respect the beaches, locals and the etiquette in the water.

Hit The Trails

Port Renfrew is a hiking hotspot nestled between two of the most beloved and intensive coastal trailheads in the world: West Coast Trail and Juan de Fuca Marine Trail. Still, there is a path for everyone nearby, from walkie-talkie 20-minute strolls to half-day climbs. Keep your eyes peeled, as the many different landscapes host a unique and stunning diversity of flora and fauna.The options are as varied as our visitors, so pick a favourite or two.

West Coast Trail

Few wilderness experiences rival the iconic West Coast Trail (WCT). Built to bail shipwreck survivors from wild Pacific waters, the WCT hugs 75 kilometres of high-drama coastline from Port Renfrew to Bamfield. Part of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, it traces traditional First Nations routes and treats experienced backpackers to some of the most rugged and compelling terrain in the world. Complete it and you can cross a biggie off your bucket list. Renfrew is the perfect place to fuel up before you go. Please Note, The West Coast Trail requires a reservation to walk any part of the trail.

Juan De Fuca Trail

Newer and shorter than the West Coast Trail, the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail is no less spectacular. With many day use options, with easy to moderate access, this is a great option for the whole family. Serious gear and serious fitness are required to complete the entire 47-kilometre trail with a smile. Beginning at China Beach and terminating at the Botanical Beach parking lot, there are plenty of options for unforgettable day hikes and sleepovers in between. Renfrew is the perfect spot to reward your hard work.


With names like Fairy Lake and Lizard Lake, there is surely magic here. The popular swimming, camping, and paddle spots are just a stone’s throw from town. In warmer months, visitors and locals recline on their sandy shores. You can’t miss the lone tree growing from a rock in the middle of Fairy Lake. Lizard Lake comes by its name honestly: amateur sleuths can try their hand tracking the resident newts (salamanders). The lakes are prime spots for trout fishing — if lizard-spotting isn’t your thing.

Sombrio Beach waterfall in port renfrew

Sombrio Beach Waterfall

Sombrio Beach Waterfall is a notable waterfall in the area and one worth discovering! Drive 20 minutes from the town of Port Renfrew to Sombrio Beach. A 15 minute walk will get you from the parking lot to the beach and to find the waterfall you’ll need to walk left until you pass a cave-like rock and come across a small stream on the ground coming from the left towards the ocean. Follow the steam inwards and you’ll find two big cliffs of moss-covered rock with the waterfall right in the middle of it.

Sandcut beach waterfall in port renfrew at sunset

Sandcut Beach Waterfalls

Sandcut Beach is located between French Beach Provincial Park and Jordan River, just 31 kilometres west of Sooke on Highway 14. There is a well signed gravel parking lot with access to the beach clearly marked. A 15 minute walk from the parking area along a wooded trail will bring you to a beautiful pebble beach with sandstone and waterfalls.

Mystic Beach waterfall in Port Renfrew

Mystic Beach Waterfall

To get to this magical place you’ll need to take a 45 minute hike from the parking lot to the beach on a well maintained trail (including a cool suspension bridge) through beautiful old growth forest. The waterfall sits on the east side of the beach and at low tide you can walk right under it. On the western side of the beach you’ll find some small caves that you can explore during low tide as well.